Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nether the Game: Buy or Not?

I posted this information on my youtube video. It clarifies my position a bit. I was still upset even after I played the game for a long time.

Nether: Scam Controversy Discussed

Video Content:
After my frustrating 6 hour install experience I was finally able to get into the game. I met a survivor. We ended up discussing the scam controversy and shared our opinions over the game. He provided a balanced counterpoint to views.

Personal Note:
I want everyone to understand that I do not hate Nether. I love the game play. Nether is a good game. What I want consumers to be aware of is its current state. I had a horrible time trying to install this game. Right now it crashes every 10 minutes. The support network on the back end is not there to meet the demand and is compounded by the numerous bugs.

I'm concerned that the visuals and game play released alone give folks a false sense of completion and that they expect this game to be close to fully functional. This high level of polish is misleading. This is not the developer's fault. This is just the way it might be perceived by some consumers. It is a beta. Only buy this game if you fully understand why some people are scared that these developers are another Hammerpoint (War Z infamy).

The statements in this video are purely speculative. It is based on my install experience and information provided by other YouTubers who provided documentation in their videos. In the end, only time will tell if what I experienced was a blotched launch by a startup or the mismanagement of another crooked developer. I'm hoping the developer does not censor this content and stand behind my journalistic integrity to report information that I feel is important to my viewers.

After playing Nether, I can see that there was a large amount of thought that has gone into the game mechanics.  I can not envision this company withdrawing support. This is more than just a War Z 2.0. This is a War Z/Infestation killer. It will draw away the crowds from that Infestation unless they release significant new promised content. Nether will be successful in the long run so WAIT until a few months pass before you ruin your first playthrough experience.

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Nether is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game that veers away from traditional survival horror games. Prepare for an enticing and heart-pounding adventure where only your wits determine if you survive or not. Remember, the route to survival can be both good and evil. Find out who you are in a decimated and lawless new world where both other players and demons are waiting to decide your fate.

The enemies, called "Nethers," are unique and each type possess both demonic and human qualities, making them fast, smart and hard to kill. This also factors in when it comes to working together to defend safe zones or clear out structures. Finally, by setting world objectives, Nether adds another dimension to the survival genre, which further sets it apart from other online games.


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