Monday, November 11, 2013

Nether the Game Development Suggestions

Game Design Suggestions for DEVs (Fix for KOSing, Safe House Camping, and more)
Action Based XP System

Currently, XP is only gained by killing Nethers. Consider broadening the current XP system to include other actions such as healing other players, defending someone from nethers, defending safe zones, and giving guns away in a trade system. For bad guys, this might mean KOSing in creative ways like setting traps (dropping loot in center of street and sniping). You can add a button that allows them to put down a false drop box from materials in their inventory or XP cost. Perhaps giving XP for winning melee battles over gun battles.

Scaffolded Splash Page Experience

You guys might consider introducing helicopter dropboxes that spawn around the map every day. Perhaps only good guy accounts and noob account (less than 10 hours played) can see these on the map. Putting items in them can increase XP for good guys and provide a better ENTRY EXPERIENCE for new users of the game.

NOTE: I don't think XP should be gained from PVP as there is enough incentive from the LOOT to continue to do it.

Karma System: the Good, the Bad, and the Noob

You already have the foundation for an awesome Karma System. Consider linking the action base XP system to your karma system. Right now it is impossible tell bad guy from good guy so let's use the clothes!

Good Guys VS Bad Guy Identification

Perhaps this unlocks clothing options that only good guys and bad guys get.

For example, since most good guys are trying to stay alive and avoid PVP then let's reward the PVE playstyle by unlocking the best camo type clothes for them and eliminating the bright green backpack.

Since bad guys are looking for trouble let them rock urban rockstar gear that islouder and brighter. Don't make it too loud as it would be too unfair but some loud details would be nice. This matches the PVP lifestyle.

Perhap it also unlocks evil clothes so that there is a clear look to good guys and bad guys.

Safe Zone Campers

Making it easier to identify good guys from bad guys will go a long way easing new players into the game and allow more experienced players the chance to embrace their roles. It would also help with safe zone campers as good guys will be able to work together to combat this horrible practice.

The best thing DEVs can do to deter close proximity safe zone camping is introduce autoturrets or gas dispensers that launch automatically whenever a bad guy remains within a close distance just outside the safe zone for more than 5 minutes (Everyone should be ok in the safe zone). Perhaps a perk of the good guys is their mask actually work and prevents them from taking poison damage. This might allow them to escape through the smoke.

Those are some thoughts. Please add your own. Keep it constructive. Thank you all community.

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