Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nether the Game: Consumer Report Warning (Scam?)

Nether: Consumer Report Warning (Scam?)

The purpose of this video is to warn the public to be careful with Nether. This YouTuber encourages everyone to stand back and wait for the developers of Nether to refine the game a bit more before jumping on the bandwagon. I can't believe that the guys who promoted War Z are in charge of promoting this Nether. It really makes me suspicious of this game.

I bought the game and it took me over 6 hours to install it due to bugs, Nether's website not working at times, servers being down, and a long complicated process. Most people will be able to go through this process without much trouble but there are a number of us that will face it. The solutions can be pieced together if you're willing to dig through the forums.

The purpose of this video is to inform consumers of what they should expect after buying Nether from steam. After paying a hefty amount of money most friends i know that have purchased this Nether have come to regret it. There are too many big time youtubers out there that have been given early access to the Nether that are singing it's praises. This is because they have been compensated and are now acting as sellouts. Be aware of this conflict of interest when you turn to these guys before making your decision to buy a new Nether.

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Nether is a post-apocalyptic massively multiplayer online game that veers away from traditional survival horror games. Prepare for an enticing and heart-pounding adventure where only your wits determine if you survive or not. Remember, the route to survival can be both good and evil. Find out who you are in a decimated and lawless new world where both other players and demons are waiting to decide your fate.

The enemies, called "Nethers," are unique and each type possess both demonic and human qualities, making them fast, smart, and hard to kill. This also factors in when it comes to working together to defend safe zones or clear out structures. Finally, by setting world objectives, Nether adds another dimension to the survival genre, which further sets it apart from other online games.

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Address of Nether LLC and OP Producitons LLC
Nether LLC (c/o Harvard Business Services, 16192 Coastal Highway Lewes, DE 19958)
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  1. "I can't believe that the guys who promoted War Z are in charge of promoting this Nether."

    Source ?

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    I've only been able to track down surface level links. Here is a link from Phosphor Games. They've had to deal with this mess since the beginning.

    I will post a revised review in a few weeks about Nether and Phosphor games. Ultimately, actions speak louder than words. Since the posting of this rant information I've encountered three DEVs while they were troubleshooting the game, testing the server, and answering questions on the forum. One of them went as far to communicate with me and apologize for my install experience.

    In my opinion, this company has proved to be the polar opposite of Hammerpoint. Since the posting of this article they have released two major patches to stabilize the servers and fix the installer.

    My original advice on my other Nether videos was for people to wait on the game so that they can see what type of developer these guys turn out to be. I stand behind this. Though at this point I am behind the company and this game. I will post something further in a future post. Subscribe and check out my youtube channel for more videos.