Thursday, November 28, 2013

Phr00t’s 3089: Should I Buy? (Indie Spotlight Edition)

Welcome everyone!
I’m excited to bring to you a new game I think you should check out called 3089.
In this “Should I Buy?” video I will tell you why you NEED to buy 3089, explain some of the game mechanics, give you some history on phr00t, the developer, and try to answer any lingering questions over 3089.

What is 3089?

3089 is a futuristic, action, role-playing game. One of the coolest things about 3089 is that it feels like I’m inside the world of TRON where programs and USERs explore the boundaries of the digital frontier.
In this game, you play an experimental robot that was placed on an open world called Xax by a mysterious Overlord character. This world is supposed to a test center.

Searching and Crafting
What I like about the game is that I can scavenge throughout the world to find computer parts, weapons, and armor. Scavenging will produce broken items that can be sold or crafted. Each item has rarity to it which forces the player to make decisions throughout the entire campaign. I agonize every time I find a very RARE item because I have to decide to sell it or hold onto it in hopes of crafting a super weapon of some type.
The other thing, I enjoy are the quests. There are a ton of complex multi stepped missions given out by command designed to test to your character’s unique characteristics. For robots using stealth most of the missions have to be completed using stealth mechanics. For the run and gunner, you’ll find a series of escort, defend, search and destroy missions.

The combat system in 3089 is more fluid than I expected. I enjoyed battling other robots in close range combat and engaging in a full scale battle against bomber ships trying to wipe me out as I run across the virtual battlefield.

"Exploring the Digital Frontier"
What I find enjoyable about the game is going through this digital RPG journey with the developer. I’m excited to see where he takes me or to find out the why I exist as a character. I realize that this is an indie game in development and that STORY could fall flat but I’m more than willing to go on the ride with this developer.

This brings me to why you consider supporting this game. Playing 3089 is very much like stepping into someone’s deeply personal representation of a futuristic sci-fi adventure. phr00t is very much a big geek going through the process of becoming a polished video game designer.

3089 is the 4th game in the series. This is important because it marks the current evolution of all the knowledge he’s gained from his other projects. Going back to 3059, 3069, and 3079 is interesting, if anything, to retrace his journey as a developer.

If you’re anything like me it matters to you who you choose to support when you pick up an indie game. Nothing pisses me off more than to buy into an alpha just to find out that the developers are total poopy heads.

3089 suffers from a lot of problems but not in the way that most would expect. It is a game that is too ahead of its time in its design and visual representation. This game lives in that gray space where innovation battles obscurity.  Many people will not be able to get past the premise, graphics, or title to give it a try.
This is unfortunate considering that when I see this game I think back to the early days of Minecraft when Notch only have a few thousand players and no one knew about it. 3089 is worth a few hours of your time if anything jus to support an indie developer that needs it.

The real find here is phr00t, the developer. 3089 is missing a narrative hook that can draw in the masses. Right now it is a collection of genre elements working together to provide a very cool sci fi adventure. I can’t wait to see 3099 because phr00t is working towards a game changer someday.

You can find links to 3089’s home page, Facebook, YouTube, twitter, steam community group and Kickstarter page in the description. If you like this content and would like to see more please subscribe to the channel, like, and leave a comment. I’m constantly trying to grow a community not just because I’d like to have more subscribers or get paid more but to use this audience to support good indie game developers like phr00t.

Should I Buy?
To answer the question of whether you should buy 3089? The answer is yes. 3089 is worth buying.

Support this game. Vote for them on the 3089 Steam Greenlight Page.

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