Sunday, November 24, 2013

7 Days to Die Alpha 4 Update (Shifting Update Release Schedule: How the Fun Pimps are Messing up)

Greetings Readers!
The Fun Pimps released what their calling "Alpha 4" this last Sunday. The thing you need to know about this update is that it marks a shift in their patch release schedule.

Until Alpha 2, the Fun Pimps were being heavily criticized by their community for not communicating enough and not releasing enough content. Alpha 2 contained a ton of new content, most of which needed to be bug tested.

After calling the subsequent hot fix hot fix "ALPHA 3" the Fun Pimps have decided to release smaller and more frequent updates. Most people who don't follow their forums will grow tired of the constant downloading of 7 Days to Die and be even more confused as their in game "coming soon" splash screen promises large content and new features that will be absent in their smaller future slated releases.

The Fun Pimps are an interesting company in the world of indie games because they were sold to the world as a true indie game company that contrasted the Hammerpoints of the world yet this indie spirit is their biggest downfall.

It isn't easy to run a game company. The Fun Pimps are amateurs mismanaging their project every step of the way. They really need a project manager that can set a project release schedule and implement that plan through a better PR system.

7 Days to Die is a great game. Hopefully, the Fun Pimps aren't also mismanaged the money they've raised so that they can complete it.

Here are the complete release notes for Alpha 4 (hot fix) if you want to know what has changed.

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