Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gaming Journal Entries

This is the portal for my game journal. In it I will blog about my nightly experiences with the Geezers, rants, raves, critiques about the gaming community at large, and more. I will try to keep it light so expect to see grown men being silly during our game nights mixed in with insightful (hopefully) observation, articles, and everything in between.

I want to establish a long term relationship with people, through my blog, so please feel free to leave a comment, critique, or recommendation.

Table of Contents

Upcoming Games

Game Articles (a little more on the serious side)

Game Night Journals

TheUrbanWatcher's Screaming (A Fair Warning)

 Screaming in War Z/ Infestation: Survivor Stories (Game Night Video Entry Included)

Screaming and Triumphs in Chivalry (Game Night Video Entry Included)

First Impression: Payday 2 Safehouse (Game Night Video Entry Included)

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