Monday, August 12, 2013

Payday 2 Complete Stealth in Bank Heist Mission

Everyone in regular suits
Pistols with silencer
Crew Loadout: 2 Ghosts, 2 Technicians

Body bags
Security scanner

Do not get spotted with masks or killing a guard.
Keep everyone suppressed
Intimidate/eliminate guards around map

Phase 1: Intimidate or silently kill roaming guards/outside civilians around the map

  • Silently kill guards patrolling the sides of the building and the roof (do not do this in front of the window, with others watching, or directly above the lobby).
  • Immediately answer their pagers.
  • Have two other members wait on the street while this is going on. Eliminate or tie up roaming civillians on the outside without being seen by cameras or others.

Phase 2: Begin heist by killing groups of civilians then cuff the remainder

  • Place a member by the tellers, the lobby, the cubicles, and back area.
  • Storm the place together. Put down a security scanner in the lobby and the back cubicle area.
  • Put everyone on the ground, kill remaining guards, answers their pagers, kill civilians outside the large groups. Tie everyone up and kill the remainder to prevent them from getting up.

Phase 3: Monitor street, begin drilling, open boxes

  • Once this is complete you begin looting and bagging the items
  • Open lock boxes

Phase 4: Transfer bags to van


  • If you have a higher level with a perk that allows you to answer the pager more effectively then you will have more success at tougher levels.
  • Intimidate skills will also come into effect.
  • At higher levels it is possible to do all missions on stealth.

Here is a simple walkthrough of what another group did. Apply the same concepts for all difficulty levels.

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