Friday, August 2, 2013

War Z/Infestation: Survivor Stories

War Z/Infestation is a controversial game.  I'll get into that in another post, because it is a goldmine of content for us to explore.  This could have been one of the best games ever produced but it was pissed away by the dishonest and unethical (search Forbes for 'WarZ') developers who are seemingly out to rob all of the players of every penny they can.

Most of the Geezers that played this game in the beginning eventually left because of developer fatigue.  Though, if you're interested in playing this game there's an active group of Geezers still playing. 

I left this game back in January because I was tired of all the negativity surrounding the developers.  They promised things but never completed them so I allowed myself to drift away.  Fast forward a few months and I return to find a new community playing this game and new features that weren't around when I started.

Several of us heard about the changes so we decided to do an old school night and retry the game together. 

In this video, the guys captured me screaming. There's a town in the game called Clearview.  The Geezers have a private server where only white-listed individuals can join.  I thought it would be funny to join the server on an untagged character and fire a few shots in the distance so that the guys would think I'm some hacker or griefer there to kill them.  Unfortunately, gotBurner turned the tables on me, and I ended up begging for my life again.  Enjoy, this short clip.

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