Monday, August 26, 2013

7 Days to Die: Tips and Tricks pt 1

The following has been compiled from the Geezer's in Arms forum and the 7d2d forum. This is the collective knowledge of hours of discovered game play.


  • you can place Cob Web to slow zombies down?
  • the fastest ways to fell a tree is to destroy the block underneath it?
  • you can select different spawn points (bedrolls) on the map - even those placed by other players (coop)?
  • you can hold down the mouse button to continuously attack?
  • there are currently eight different biomes in the game, each one with unique sources of materials and resources (forests, snowy mountains, pine forest, plains, deserts, burned forests, radiation zones)?

Function Keys

Almost ever F-Key has an unique function?
  • - F1 Menu
  • - F2 Player Stats
  • - F4 Switching Windows-/Fullscreen Mode
  • - F5 Third Person View
  • - F7 UI on/off
  • - F8 FPS on/off
  • - F9 Take Screenshot (screenshots are placed in game default folder)

Keyboard Tips

  • you can rotate the camera in third person view by holding down the ALT key?
  • you can quick transfer items from inventory to hotbar by shift-clicking on it (and vise versa)?
  • you can zoom in and out the camera in third person view by holding ALT and using the scroll wheel? (allows nice pictures combined with F7+F9!)


  • zombies slow down at night if they pass the light radius of a placed campfire/torch?
  • if you pause after each use of the pickax (ie. for mining) for a second you can almost mine unlimited with full stamina? Zombies first scream before they attack you?
  • the sledgehammer is the most powerful melee weapon currently in game, able to kill almost every zombie with one hit?


  • Blueberries, potatoes and corn grow at very fast rates.
  • Corn will grow randomly with ears being on each stalk in either 1, 2, or 3 ears per stalk.
  • Potatoes will yield 5.
  • Blueberries yield 3.

If you do not have a "Hydrated" Soil block (which is noticeable by the color of the block. Either normal dirt color, or a darker brown) you have to gather the plant sprout that you have harvested, re-til the soil, and then re-plant it. If it is hydrated, you do not have to replant the sprout each time.


  • The crafting list on the right shows everything you can make WITH the current items in your inventory. If you select an item that is WHITE in the list it will show you the shape you need but not the ingredients needed. If it is Green then you have made it before and clicking it will auto fill the ingredients and have the item ready to move into your inventory. 
  • Now here is the most helpful thing....if you continue to click the green item in the list, it will continue to fill ingredients and add to the item stack for you to pull into your inventory. The ONLY time you have to put ingredients into the crafting area is the first time you ever make an item.

  • Spikes...The small spikes you make with sharpened sticks are deadly. If you mistakenly place them on the block your standing, you are most likely dead. Be very careful trying to place them around in grass.
  • Grass... makes it hard to work with anything. The collision boxes are off at the moment. Clear the grass in your building area to prevent accidents.
  • Glitches- If you lay down a chest in a two high tunnel and step onto the chest, Your head will glitch through the block above and yes you can see to the top of the world but you are also stuck. Break a block overhead and to the side to free yourself. 
  • Glitches- When mining sometimes the material seems to disappear when in fact it has glitched through another block. It will usually show up after breaking the next block.

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