Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Leveling Up: Why Being a "Noob" Can Be a Good Thing

Being called a "noob" in any game is embarrassing for countless gamers but why should it? We need to expand our understanding of the word. In game theory, there's the a concept called a metagame and metagame analysis that can help us understand why being a "noob" can be a good thing.

First, a metagame analysis is a practical approach used to maximize the utility value of a set of rules that govern any given system. Game theory is usually applied to mathematics or systems to study strategic decision making approaches. In order to understand how this can be applied by the every man you have to understand that life is a system in which it can be applied.

Life is like a game. Most people find hopes, dreams, and goals to work towards in their personal pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. If you can work towards these goals then it can be viewed as a system that have rules that act like a boundary in which gamers can exist.

The secret to winning most games starts with understanding the rules. If you can do this then you can think your way through and succeed. A metagame analysis of your individual situations can help you achieve your goals. This simple shift in how we view our lives can be beneficial.

Websites like Lifehack collect tips and tricks that make life easier. It is a great site because it is an internet collection of knowledge generated by folks working toward a singular goal. Here's an article that gives tips to reusing old materials.

As an older gamer, I am insulted every time I am called a noob. Being a noob is a state in which the player is learning the rules of the game. In this state, the player is at the peak of their learning and mastery. If I argue that being a gamer is beneficial then it is in this state that I contend we should remain throughout our lives if we are to continue to grow and evolve.

When you don't grow and evolve, you become that asshole that turns to online griefing because the game doesn't provide the thrill for you anymore. These people find it hard to be a noob again, tend to stick to a game for a long period of time, even after it has ceased to be fun. They become internet assholes.

Don't be an internet asshole. Being a "noob" is cool. Gaming can be beneficial as long as there is a balance. Life Leveling through the use of a metagame analysis will make your offline character a level 68 in no time.

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