Friday, August 2, 2013

V/H/S Film Review

I finally sat down and watched V/H/S and I expected to hate it but I LOVED IT.

It's basically a collection of VHS tapes that tell horror short stories that have some twist ending usually with the main characters meeting some type of supernatural death. 

My favorites include the creepy club girl (I like you), the friends in the woods, the couple on a road trip, and the girlfriend with a haunted house.

The framing of the film is piss poor, a bunch of kids decide to break into someone's basement to steal a collection of VHS tapes. They could have found them in the dump or a storage unit and achieved the same effect.

Follow Up Entry:

Each individual story was creative and creepy. This is refreshing since I rarely see films these days that take the time to be original. Whenever I've seen narrative stories collected it feels as if the producer wanted to release a single story and contacted film schools for the other bits. 

This has a similar feel in that the broader frame feels like an afterthought. However, the stories themselves play with modern day themes. When I think about the blog or video phone story I can't help but think that this story wouldn't have been told 10 years ago.

Since I'm a product of the 80's, horror films have a soft spot in my heart, I tend to look at whether newer films have what it takes to define their era or last the test of time. Alas, this film is an amusing diversion for now but not a classic. 

Those that are into film studies or cultural studies will find a good conference into what this film says about modern times. There's not much out there written about it but it could easily be linked back to earlier films that reflect the atomic age, the cold war, and civil rights. 

This collective is more a reflection of generation Y and all their angst. I can not easily define the alien feeling I get from watch the horror films of a younger generation. Its definitely captured in this movie. 

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