Friday, August 2, 2013

Battle Royale Film Review

I've been meaning to post more foreign horror films. I don't see many posted on the Geezer's forum so here is one from the past. I have to warn viewers that some of these films come from cultures that have evolved outside American puritan beginnings and therefore can insult in some twisted narratives.


I am not an expert on how these cultures are reflected in their films but I'm more than happy to hear the internet collective give me some insight into the subject. With that having been said, I am happy to present you with BATTLE ROYALE. I put this on top of my must see horror film list because it captures the drama of "The Most Dangerous Game," a short story taught in public school about one man hunting another man.

This film puts 42 students from a horrible Japanese high school (if you've ever been a public school teacher and looked at some of degenerates you'll understand) and pits them in a battle to the death on an island. The gore reminds me of the Kill Bill series. The gore in this film makes the 80's King of Gore, Tom Savini, look like Mr. Rogers.

I am even more interested in seeing long established friendships fall apart as they have to make tough decisions in this life or death scenario. It is part Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games. If this sounds interesting to you, check it out. You can find it on Netflix. There is a sequel but it doesn't make any sense at all.

I enjoyed this film and would recommend it to others.

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