Friday, August 2, 2013

About TheUrbanWatcher

My gamer-tag in all gaming formats (steam, xbox, playstation etc) is theurbanwatcher.  I am an academic gamer who has included gaming into every aspect of my life.  I was once a teacher and college adjunct when I decided to go into the private sector.

Games inform my personal and professional life.  This is hard to explain to folks but I'll try my best.  When I went to school I did it for the sake of knowledge with very little care to where it would take me, how I would earn money, or who I would become. 

I studied theater for the art form, the basics to be well rounded, and history to learn about mistakes. But several degrees later I yet to succeed as a professional, to fulfill a satisfying career, and unify myself as an autonomous individual. 

My love for games leads me to every aspect of gaming including theory, design, narrative, art, and instruction.  My brief career as a teacher lead me to learn about gamification, meaning I integrated games and the problem solving skills they teach into the lessons of the state mandated mundane.  As a student and amateur academic, I learned how to understand and publish theory.  As a gamer, I remembered how to play. 

This blog will be written from someone who loves games and wishes to share observations, opinions, reviews, and professional thoughts as I go through my gaming experiences.

I am currently a full time student finishing up my Masters in Human Resources Development.  During this time, I have become part of a community of older gamers called the Geezers In Arms.  My experiences with them allow me to play many different games and explore social aspects of gaming.

As I play games, I will write about them and share our videos. This is the story of one Geezer blogging about games and life.  Join me in my journey to explore the love of gaming.


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