Monday, August 26, 2013

7 Days to Die: Version Check Error

At approximately 6:30 pm central time 7 Days to Die customers experience a failure with the validation files on the Fun Pimps server.

-Version Check-
<b> [php BB Debug] PHP
Warning </b>: in file

Minutes after the failure, players posted on the 7D2D complaining about the error. Some have theorized that the developers were uploading a new patch but that seemed unlikely as no information was given out prior to the error.

"Same problem here. They're probably updating the server used for validation," forum member said. "Give it some time. I'm sure they'll have it working again within a reasonable time frame.

Other members think they might be under attack by the government, undercover aliens, North Koreans, and/ or just plain hackers.

"This is not an issue that anyone can fix, this is an issue that Fun Pimps has to fix on their end," Scarlett Snatch said. "This is an issue with the game, not the computer, not your software, nothing that you can control."

Some forum members have posted information for bypassing the error. Here is a post. Without validation, I would caution against downloading unproven practices.

"We are all just SOL until the Fun Pimps decide to do something about it....," Scarlett Snatch said.


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