Friday, August 16, 2013

First Impressions: Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Today we're going to discuss a new platformer called Guacamelee! Gold Edition. This game is awesome! That's it. That says it all. No? More? No problem....

Guacamelee! is an artsy, fun platformer that lives in the borderlands of gaming. Everything about this game has a dual name and double meaning. I recently did a First Impression video and was blown away.

Your character adopts a save the princess scenario as a diving board into a larger world filled with Latino cultural references and allusions to the 8-bit days of gaming. (See another duality).

Guacamelee! shines from its beautiful art style, controls, music, and light hearted approach to a classic genre. It enters into the new generation with co-op game play that reminds me of a Mexican Double Dragon or Streets of Rage.

From playing the opening 15 minutes of the game, we've decided to do a "Dos Amigos Play: Guacamelee!" playthrough series for this game. My fellow Geezer, also the founder, Kazuya and I will be playing through the co-op campaign to discuss the Hispanic history, art, and cultural nods while kicking back a few drinks and having a good time. Stay tuned for more footage in future updates.

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