Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alpha Release: 7 Days to Die Download Delay Update #2

12,000 keys have been sent out over the weekend. The Fun Pimps continue to process data from Kickstarter, Amazon, and PayPal. Backers are receiving their keys and experiencing slow downs in downloads due to heavy traffic from the Fun Pimps servers

To deal with the strain this small indie company has been working over night to add servers for handling the additional load (two Saturday night). The Dallas based company is being flooded with support requests. It seems that in the rush to get these keys out backers are facing database errors, account verification issues, and general questions about setting up and playing the game.

The Pimps' roll out strategy seems to be a three phase plan. First, they are rushing to get everyone their keys in the most efficient manner possible. Those who bought multiple keys or require manual support by the staff are going to have to wait until the bulk of the keys are released. Finally, the guys plan to focus on general support for 7 Days to Die.

Here is a Sunday released e-mail about the released keys.

Project Update #24: Over 12,000 Key sent out!
Hey Folks,
  • We’re still bringing data into our system and sending out keys and as of this post have delivered over 12,000 keys but we still have more work to do. Last night we increased our download capacity with 2 more servers. We will continue to send out keys until every customer who has purchased the Alpha package or greater has the game.
  • Our customer support has been flooded with emails and we are way behind on this. We will be sending out every Key before we can come back to you folks who have problems that require manual database corrections, changes to your account, account verifications or general support. Simply put we don't have the staff to answer every email at this volume.
  • People who bought more than 1 key on Kickstarter through any package other than the THE ALPHA BUDDIES or THE ALPHA CLAN packages orders may take longer as theses multiple orders need to be entered into our system by hand.
  • People who bought more than 1 key on PayPal in single transaction will get there additional keys but it may take longer as theses multiple orders need to be entered into our system by hand.
  • We appreciate your patience in this and rest assured will get all of you keys as soon as possible. We've been working overtime on this and will continue to do so until all keys are delivered.
  • And for those of you who have asked our PayPal Buy page will be back up tomorrow or Monday and stay up after Alpha release for everyone to still buy the pledges they want including Alpha.
Stay cool and stay calm you'll get your game
The Fun Pimps

There's been no mention at this stage for how to officially report bugs or be better play-testers. However, localized communities are organizing to collect data (photos, conditions, video, bug, threat level etc). It is a good idea to join these groups that wish to improve the game. In "The Science of Playtesting," GameStop gives an overview on how to be a better play-tester.

Those that are only interested in playing the game, please try not to plug up the communication channels with complaints or destructive criticism as this game is in alpha. Many folks have high hopes for this game.

UPDATE: (Still no key)

I plan on hosting a twitch session to show off the game footage. If you want to view the feed or chat in the TeamSpeak channel go to We will be using TeamSpeak for any live questions ( I hope to host this session sometime this weekend or as soon as my download e-mail arrives. Check back here for daily updates, news, and video playthroughs!


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