Saturday, August 3, 2013

Popular Culture and the Game Connection

In the past, I've recognized that the same people that enjoy the games I play usually share similar interests in television, comics, books, and films. While our personalities may differ in as many ways as our disorders, it seems that I find more things to love by listening to the enjoyments of others. Recently, I discovered Star Trek: The Next Generation, a show I had ignorantly attributed to Geeks and Freaks in my childhood but have recently come to enjoy.

In a sense, there's no real direct connection to games and I do not wish to force a connection. My only minor observations about other things in popular culture that gamers enjoy is that sometimes there is a common theme that individual gamers tend to respond to over and over. In this, I'm not sure a broad generalization can or should be made about games or gaming culture.

Instead I'm curious to tear apart the inner workings of folks that I encounter in my everyday life. But what does that have to do with games and this blog?

Good question. I will  include other things from popular culture as they become relevant. I hope that you don't mind these interruptions to what will become our normal "programming." In fact, I welcome your feedback on these films and recommendations for further viewing.

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