Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Game Review: Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army

Guest Stars: XSX, Douglas_G, Dr_Perceptron

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army is a stand alone expansion of the Sniper Elite series. This game is not perfect and I would only recommend this to a group looking for 5 co op missions to blaze through. Most things that made Sniper Elite what it is are gone. This is the secret zombie mode of Black Ops.

The game's characters are nothing more than WWII avatars. They lack story, background, or motivations other than to kill zombies using sniper rifles. In this game, you can only play as a sniper. Any secondary weapons are limited by the amount of ammo that they carry. This is one of the limitations in the design. Yes, it might be part of the Sniper Elite series but its design forces players into this role once they have abandoned all the other elements of the Sniper Elite games is a design flaw.

I am horrible at sniping in every game out there. In this game, I struggle to get a head-shot. The choice to play the game as I see fit has been removed for me without good reason or suitable replacement.

The tone of the game is one of its strengths. As your group plays through the campaign maps you may admire the attention to detail which uses lighting, scenery, and sounds to create the creepy atmosphere.

(Excuse the video. It is my first attempt)

This game is worth a look if you can pick it up during a Steam sale for a few bucks. The maps are linear in design and once you go through them a few times you have seen everything. This games shines when you and some friends work together to fight through the hordes of zombies. 

In addition, I have not seen any update news from the developers. If I do I will post it here.

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