Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Payday 2 Safe House Easter Egg Walkthrough

In this walkthrough, we will will cover where to find the following Easter Eggs: QR codes, Half Life 2 logo, Teddy bear drill from Payday, developer credits/shout outs, and the Joker reference to the Dark Knight.

1# Half Life Logo

Location: Industrial Washing Machine
Easter Egg: Washing Machine Door
Comments: Some argue that the shape of the door and the style of the phrase "the cleaner" is a reference to Half Life 2. Here is a logo for comparison. I don't know to what to think about it but it does share an odd shape not known in most washing machines.


Location: Moving boxes found throughout the apartment
Easter Egg: QR Code
Comments: If you scan it with your cell phone it will say, "I LOVE SECRETS." This is an indication to look around for other easter eggs.

3# Teddy Bear Drill from Payday

Location: Teddy bear on couch
Easter Egg: Pink Teddy Bear has a hidden drill in it.
Comments: This is a reference to the mission No Mercy in the original payday. 

4# The Dark Knight's the Joker

Location: Center of room that guards the secret entrance to the lower part of the safe house.
Easter Egg: Dark Knight Joker's Smile
Comments: Someone finally merged the two works together. The Joker smile is painted on the face of Lady Justice. In the original Payday, the guys rob banks using clown masks. In the beginning of "The Dark Knight" the joker robs a bank with a crew using a complicated elimination plan.

 5# Developer Fan Credits and Shouts

Location: Back alley behind garage
Easter Egg: Several tags are fan references
Comments: The developers included a special thanks to several members of the gaming community that promoted the game through youtube and gaming articles. These guys have a special place in their hearts and minds. Pretty cool.

6# Answer the Phone

Location:  Back Alley
Easter Egg: Answer the phone! Tag
Comments: Anyone trying to complete the missions on stealth will tell you just how important this is to doing so. This is more like advice than an easter egg. Though it can be found in the first payday.

 Here is a really bad walkthrough video we attempted to make. Enjoy!

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  1. Urban, you forgot to mention, two pictures on the wall behind the computer are of Payday: The Heist.