Friday, August 2, 2013

Geezers in Arms- Chivalry Nights

Geezers in Arms- Chivalry Nights

I have to admit something, something very embarrassing.  I am not a very good gamer.  Insert sad face here.  When I play games I do it because I enjoy them.  As a Geezer I play PvP type games with these guys because we usually have a crazy time.

In the following video, several of us were playing Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.  I would definitely recommend this game but only if you plan on joining a clan or gaming group.  Individual players are at a disadvantage since it can be hard to communicate with strangers in an online environment.

(At 13:25 you can hear what I'm most famous for in my gaming career, my scream.  The guys love putting me in situations where I have to beg for my life or be surprised)

The reason I wanted to share the following video is so people can see who I am as a gamer.  I am awkward, quirky, and I sound like a ten year old, Sigh.  I can't do anything about that last bit. Here you'll see me win the round and take out my teammates! I'll will be adding a review of this game.

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