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7 Days to Die: Beginners Guide

Welcome to Zombie-land! This beginner's guide walks you through the process of surviving with nothing to complete fortifications and material production. It is structured to be followed from the first hour of survival to the last. We know the basics like cardio, double tap, and the buddy system but there are a ton more if you want to survive. Learn the rules to surviving in 7 Days to Die.

The Rules to Surviving 7 Days to Die

Day 1 Journey (Day Time)

Rule # 66: Find Shelter
Immediately open your map and decide on a centralized location that you can travel towards. You must arrive there by 4 pm to evaluate your survival options. Make sure this place is surrounded by other areas you can scavenge or escape to at a moment's notice. Consider a second story home for the first night.

Rule # 5: Scavenge along the way
Use the highway to find weapons, food, and wood. You will need these items for the night time.

Rule #1: Pay Attention to Your Time
From this point forward, check your watch. It is your life line because zombies become super aggressive during the night. You will not survive a horde attack in the open.

Rule #14: Arm yourself ASAP (scavenge or craft)

Construct a club before ever attempting to go inside a house. The club is the first item you can easily craft without too much trouble. Refine wood down until you get sticks then follow the formula for the club. Now you are armed and can take a zombie one on one.

Rule #15: Guns (ammo in hot bar)
If you get lucky you may find a gun. Keep backup ammo in your inventory in case you die. When you die your body drops the items you have in the hotbar so try to keep most of it in your inventory.

Day 1 Journey (Evening)

Arriving at Your Safehouse

Fortify your location, find high ground with a strong base and many escape points. For two story homes, block off doors with wood or stone ASAP. Then craft ladders. Take out the stairs and put up two ladders instead so you can make a stand on the second and third floor. Block off the windows. Go upstairs before 7:45 pm.

Day 1 Journey (Night)

Rule #1: Don't Waste Time

At night, there isn't much to do if you haven't collected resources during the day on your way to shelter. You will be forced to sit in your attic listening to the zombies that are trying to breach your defenses. Use the night time to craft, organize, and fortify. Make better weapons, tools, and a base camp. The night is longer than the day so plan for your night time activities.

Let There Be Light

Rule # 91: Build a camp fire
Rule # 42: Build a torch

Stay in the light as much as possible. At night, build a camp fire and torch then light everything up.

Day 2 Journey (Day)

Rule # 98: Gather Resources During the Day

Gather, wood, metal, gravel, food, water, and weapons as soon as the sun rises. Stay in the light. Don't bother going into houses unless you have to absolutely do so. It is dark in there and all it takes is for one zombie to ambush you  while unprepared. Instead adopt a hit and run technique to scavenge out in the open where you can see the zombies walking around. If you go inside, try to draw the undead out into the light.

Return to camp by 4 pm to do basic fortifications and repairs.

Day 3-6 Journey

Now you know how to survive nightly so what do we do? The following is a suggestion on what you can work on to automate your day and night cycle.

Rule # 8: Pimp Out Your Crib

Used concrete, gravel, and metal to level up your fortifications. Don't bother clearing the zombies. When you come back later they will be gone or spread out.

Nut up or shut up Zombie Horde Killing Techniques

Rule #45:  Draw them out of the dark

Whenever possible draw them out into the light. They become slower in the light.

Rule #63:  Shotgun blasts crowds

Reserve the shotguns for crowds. Lead the crowd to where they line up behind you then blast. A single well placed shot will take down several zombies at once saving ammo, time, and energy.

Rule #9:   Headshots are King

If you have to shoot make them count. Shoot for the head.

Rule #65:  Car Bombs

Whenever possible lead crowds of zombies to cars then shoot the car until they explode. This will kill most if not all of them.
Rule #187: Kill the Cops and Nurses

When I'm scavenging I usually ignore most zombies unless its a cop or nurse zombie. Target these at all costs. They usually carry weapons, ammo, food, water, and medicine.

Rule #122: Don't trust the hotbar

If you die then everything you had in your hotbar will drop and despawn in 20 seconds. Only keep items that you absolutely need in the hotbar. If you know you're going to die go into your inventory and click your items into your inventory to save them.

Final Mission: Find Your Twinkies I

   Rule # 163 Drink water (toilet and streams)
   Rule # 34 Starvation (takes time to die from Starvation and thirst but minutes for both)
   Rule # 49 Learn to Farm (indoors)

Make sure you spend some time once you are fortified to farm indoors and scavenge for food and water.

Final Mission: Find Your Twinkies II

From here on out, you can decide to do anything you want. This is a great game. Find your own Twinkie. This means you need to find your own purpose in the game. Decide on a project and apply the rules you learned in this guide to accomplish those more advanced ones.

We are currently working on creating an underground network of passages and building a stone based tower structure on top of the water. I will update this blog with information on doing more advanced things like explosives. Stay tuned.

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