Sunday, August 11, 2013

First Impression: Payday 2 Safe house

Payday 2 features a tutorial area for players to practice their bank robbing skills via the safe house. Here players will find areas to where they can learn how to drill a safe, use plastic explosives, pick a lock, use a key card, shoot their guns in a practice range, view their bank, and plan out missions.

It reminds me of the Playstation 3 home experiment. It is supposed to function as a tutorial section for new players. Experienced players will visit this area once and never return to it except to check it out while they wait for a friend to get online.

The system is setup perfectly for future DLC's and expansions. I can easily see a PVP function that can be added similar to GTA IV 's online free roam and versus modes. I would love to see a capture the hood area where two gangs can battle it out for drug turf.

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