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King Arthur's Gold Tutorial (In Progress)

King Arthur's Gold Newbie Guide

King Arthur's Gold features 3 main characters. All of these characters make a large difference in the way the game may go as you play it. Each class features big differences needed to make the game continue smoothly for your team, and make it painfully difficult for your opponent. Each class is made up of different components allowing their differences to rely on other classes.

The Builder
This is a good, fun class to play as. A builder is one of the most important classes because they have the difficult task of building well rounded bases, collecting resources sparingly and being as effective with those resources as possible. There is a variety of things a builder can do throughout the duration of the game such as, building towers, mining for stone and gold, building traps and making quick bases. A builder can be the knights best friend if the builder is fast enough to keep up. Also, the amount of teamwork that the knight and builder can have together will be the most effective way to take out an enemy base or tower without having to use kegs and killing everyone in the general area. The best thing for a new player to do is gather resources and building defensive buildings. If it is seen as too difficult to build such things, then it is suggested for a newer player to try doing something else. However, one of the best ways to learn the ways of King Arthur's Gold is by building. Also, remember, the more you build, the more the enemy has to destroy. If your team is good enough, you will have the ability to build a nice structure quickly and sufficiently enough to last the first minutes of the game. The players that do not want to get killed are generally the builders, but some builders are capable of doing much more then building and gathering resources.

The Knight
The Knight has the task of killing and destroying. These are the main players of the game. Generally, in just about all King Arthur's Gold game modes, if there is no knight, there is no victory. It is impossible to win without knights because they are the heart and soul of the game. The knights goal is to kill all of the opposing team, blow up enemy structures and take all of the objectives. They are equipped with sword and shield and have the ability to use bombs and kegs. The shield itself has the ability to kill other players if coming down at a good speed and if you do not want to take fall damage, the shield can be used as a parachute when falling. The knight is a difficult class to play as, seeing as this is the only one that has the largest component of melee typed combat. The best thing for a player that is newer to being a knight is to just watch other knights fight. The more you watch, the more you learn. There is also the knights special ability which allows them to double attack rapidly instead of jabbing. This attack is one of the most effective. However, this attack has a power up, when the sword shines and makes the power-up noise, that is when the sword can use this ability. When playing as the knight, you can picture yourself as a total awesome killer who has good ninja skills, bombs, and can kill anyone and destroy any building with the use of explosives.

The Archer
For those of the players that do not like to build nor do they like the challenge of being a Knight. An Archer is the best class for you. They are generally more tactical and make it hard for enemies to build bases and towers. The Archer can only sometimes be very important because the archer is only useful for so long. Till they are caught in battle or caught by a knight that may want to kill them. However, the archer has some cool special abilities of their own. Each arrow takes 1 heart away from the enemy. Builders have 3 hearts, Knights have 4 hearts, and Archers have 2 hearts. The archer has a power up that when the bow shines, they can fire 3 rapid shots in a row and do tons of damage to the enemy. Personally, I believe that only 1 archer is needed in each game. Aside from all of the archers weaknesses, there is the tactical power of having one. They have 4 arrow types: the bomb arrow, the fire arrow, the water arrow, and the normal arrow. Each arrow has its own significant powers and generally can change the tide of battle. (Except the default arrows, they don't do much) The one arrow a builder does not want to see is the bomb arrow. It works like a tiny keg, it explodes and generally destroys a structure quickly, depending on how thick its walls are. The fire arrow sets players on fire as well as burns down wood buildings and items. The water arrow stuns its target for a small duration of time, allowing the victim as an easy target for more arrows or a friendly knight to wipe them out. Then finally, the normal arrow that only has the power to kill things.

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