Monday, December 16, 2013

King Arthur's Gold Game Modes (KAG Tutorial)

Take the Halls Explained
(This is a great game mode where there are teams that face off to take each others halls. These halls are spawn points and generally are heavily defended. Building a base on top of or in front of the hall is the best way to defend it. Players fight across the map to capture halls from other teams. Multiple strategies can be put together to accomplish this goal.)

Halls: Each hall is a spawn point. Capturing a neutral hall is easy, just walk into it and wait for a second or two. Capturing enemy halls is more difficult but that is just a matter of how well tactics were being played out. The first hall is like the main base. Everything is done at the first hall. It gets priority over all the other halls. The first hall is the one hall that should be more defended then all the others. This is the one place that can unlock research. Research works as the time goes by. Once the game begins, whatever branch of research that is chosen will begin to become researched. The research progress is shown by how far the arrow is colored in. Once the arrow is completely colored in, a new item will become researched. Some things must be unlocked from buying a scroll. Things like the drill and the saw. Without research a game of TTH will be long. Once those stone doors and walls go up, there is no way to get through them without explosives. How do we get explosives in TTH? Research. 

Catapults and War boats are researched, Long Boats and Kegs are researched. Ballistas can also be researched. They work like basic Halls but also have a large seige weapon on top. The ammo is created at the ballista workshop. Halls give npc's that operate these workshops. The reason for building a base would be to keep the workshops protected from enemies so they cant get the supplies that your team does. Also, the base would protect the hall which is the spawn point/npc spawn. Npc's can die for an unlimited amount of times as long as the hall that they spawn from is still in your teams control, they will continue to respawn and work at their assigned workshop. With gold a player can buy more npc's for that workshop that will work at more workshops then usual. This may seem like a small difference but the amount of items being outputted is doubled allowing more of that item to be used. Buying scrolls is done from mining gold and finding a merchant. Merchants are randomly put into the map somewhere. They are typically near your first hall or near your second hall. They can be accessed by pressing and holding the E button while standing in front of the merchants house then hovering the mouse icon over the trade symbol. A list of scrolls should appear and hovering over them will tell you what type of scroll it is and the price. This can speed research or it can instantly unlock things that would take long to unlock. However, these scrolls should be noted as rare because gold runs out quickly. Building strong walls and good defenses to make your halls more powerful and difficult to get into is great because if your opponent has a stronger base, they have less to worry about as far as defending comes. 

They can send even more of a powerful attack at your team. The more walls and towers you have blocking the enemy from crossing, the more likely your team is to be victorious. Building these isn't an easy task, it takes lots of practice.

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