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King Arthur's Gold "The First 10 Minute Guide" (KAG Walkthrough)

The First 10 Minutes:


1.      Gather resources for your allies to speed the process of building.
2.      Build towers and obstacles to prevent enemies from getting to their objectives.
3.      Help a knight! Get to the front lines and do the dirty work needed to break down enemy defenses.
4.      Do the research and get upgrades necessary for you to get the best possible building built.
5.      Build traps that are team friendly.
6.      Mine for scrolls
7.      Set up alternative roots for your allies to travel. (Generally underground)
Gathering Resources: The resources can be gathered many types of ways. One can mine, one can wait for supply drops or they can steal resources from dead players. There is 3 resources in the game: gold, wood, and stones. When chopping trees, the tree will fall over and turn into logs. The logs then give you wood that you can use for crafting and other items. Mining is simple, each time you hit the stone, it adds up in your backpack. If your backpack is full, the stone will simply fall on the floor. The backpack  is accessible by pressing and holding the F button. The items in your backpack will be listed in the bottom under all of the possible items you can build.

Building Towers and defenses: Building these are important to the game. In order to build at all, one must become familiar with the workings of how to build. The game has a realistic mechanic and when a building doesn't have the support needed to hold it up, the building collapses. Walls (the block) is a good support block. It is transparent (you can walk through it) and costs very little resources to make one block. A wall can be used as a normal block when trying to meet the physics requirement. This means there will be no floating blocks and all buildings will be supported by some type of structure. In order to build, the builder must select a block. This block can be selected by pressing and holding f. 

Then the menu of blocks will come up above the materials in the backpack. Building with wood isn't a good idea, it burns and spreads fire rather quickly. Building with stone outside the wood is a good idea because then the wood works like an extra pad of defense. Once you select what block you would like to build with (by hovering over the item), then you may begin laying out your building with the left click. If a flashing red square appears, that means your block doesn't work with the physics. The placing of doors is important as well. Doors will open to your team only and are marked with your teams colors. One can press the space bar to change the way the door will be placed. If the door is placed incorrectly, it will be difficult to get through. Horizontal doors should be placed to go through either up or down. Vertical doors should be placed to go through either left or right. There is two types of doors, the wood and the stone. Stone doors are hard to get into, they are not broken by sword. Wood doors are easily broken into, all it takes is a little time and a sword or bomb.

Helping a Knight: Helping is summed up into one word: Pickaxe. Your pickaxe is the ultimate power to destroy anything. Use it, follow your allies into battle with your mighty pick. If you see a door, destroy it. If you see a building, destroy it. If there is a wall too difficult to climb, place ladders so that your allies can climb! Be the annoying fly that bugs the heck out the enemy team. Playing this role is difficult because without support, you will die frequently.

Doing research (TTH): This is very simple, go to the very first hall that you capture. Press and hold E then look for a tab that says Research. Once that screen pops up, you can select what you would like to research. Doing this is important because it changes the way your game will play out!

Traps: This is not exactly the best thing to do if you aren't very good at the game. It is a difficult task to build traps effective enough that will not kill your team or you. As well as something that will last long enough to not get destroyed in the first 5 seconds of it being up. The trap block is a block that your team can't go through. But for any other team, they will go straight through it like it is a wall. This is useful for ground traps because the enemy will fall right through it, and if the lighting is good enough, the trap block blends in well with the floor. It is selected the same way any other block is, but the trap block is hard to break and is very expensive. It takes 25 stone for 1 block.
Mining for scrolls: This is very simple, you take your pickaxe and go deep into the map, looking for scrolls. Finding a scroll gives your team a free research act. Once you find a scroll from mining, or buy a scroll from the amount of gold you mined, you can then turn it in at the first hall. You must be holding it in your hand. In order to hold it, press and hold f, hover over the scroll in your backpack then release f. In order to pick it up, press c and it should appear in your hand. While it is in your hand, press and hold e and hover your scroll over Use scroll at the first hall.
Tunnels: Very simple, make a tunnel with at least 1 stone door and wooden doors throughout it. Prevent the enemy from getting through and make it easy for your team to get through. Avoid flooding. Remember, the pick is a very powerful tool.

1.      Charge, rush the objective and kill some enemies while doing so.
2.      Defend, prevent your objective from being rushed and kill all that attempt getting passed you.
3.      Make sure there is a Military Supply workshop in a good spot, the more bombs, the better.
4.      Set your research for Kegs, everyone loves explosions!

Charging: A knight can charge his sword for a double slash. This is done by holding down the attack button till the sword shines. Then, a fast double click will make the knight swing his sword two times quickly. This allows a quick and easy kill because if both hits are accurate, they will kill ANY player.

Defend: Keep charging in mind, prevent enemies from getting close to your builders and even further from your doors. Fight and die for the hope that you held the enemy off long enough.

Military Supplies: Make sure your builder's create these workshops. They give basic bombs and arrows. Bombs can be used in both pvp and to do minimal damage to enemy structures. They do not break much more then just one basic stone. However, they do have an area effect on the blocks around its explosion.

1.      Help defend, putting some arrows into targets helps.
2.      Get a crate, hide in it, have someone throw your crate at an enemy.
3.      Research for the explosive and fire arrows.
4.      Shoot arrows to suppress enemy builders.

Defending: Have a builder build a small archer spot or fortify a door to allow archer to go out of it.
Ninja Crate Skills: Have a builder make a crate, press e while in front of it, and select the button to get inside it. Have someone carry it to the enemy base and then sneak your way into the base, try not to be noticed. It is very fun but difficult.

As explained in the builder part, go to the hall and vote to research the explosive and fire arrows.

While fighting from a distance, use your sniper skills to prevent the enemy builders from building. Always remember, using the mouse scroll will zoom out and allow you to see more of the map at once!

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