Friday, December 27, 2013

Rust Game Spoof: TheUrbanWatcher's Rustfather Part I (Tutorial/Satire/Narrative)

This Rust Game Spoof features game footage from a 14 day saga where a few guys rose to power and took over an entire game saga. It demonstrates emergent gameplay in how Urban's group used social politics to wipe out their opponents.

TheUrbanWatcher's Rustfather Part I
This is the story of how the group transformed from hardworking immigrants to an organized force. This is the rise to power story arch.

TheUrbanWatcher's Rustfather Part II
Part II tells the story of three groups completing for control of the island. In this story, Urban poses as a new spawn to gain access to an enemy's base. Once there he leads a raid to take away all the guns.

Once broken Urban's group gives Lethal's group shelter and basic equipment to gain their trust. They are turned to vassals after being convinced that Jordan's people were responsible for the raid. Afterwards Urban's group teams up with Lethal's group to fight against Jordan's hidden forces. 

TheUrbanWatcher's Rustfather Part III
Part III is the story of how Urban became the Rustfather of the server. After being raided Urban sets up a meeting with Jordan's group. He convinces them that they are leaving the server in order to discover their hidden base. Using outside forces Urban settles all business on Christmas Day.

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