Monday, December 16, 2013

King Arthur's Gold Team Strategies (KAG Tutorial)

Choosing what role you'd like to play is up to you but if you are playing co-op with friends, it is a good idea to look at the following.

Builder/Archer Strategies: A builder can do a lot, and the archer can do plenty with the builder. One of the more basic things that a builder does with an archer is creating a sniper box. An archer loves to fire at enemies with little or no possibility of him taking damage back. Builders can make sniper bunkers or boxes attached to the side of their bases and towers. These boxes allow the archer to fire out of them without taking any fire back. They are created out of  planks and ladders. Its a cheap and quick way to get your archers in a defense position. The offensive builder/archer is more of a One of us dies but its for a reason. That is the ninja crate, someone takes it to the enemy base (either builder or archer) and waits for an enemy to open it.

Builder/Knight Strategies: A builder is a knights best friend, as long as the two cooperate. A builder can place ladders and break down those tough stone doors. The knight can kill and protect the builder while he does these acts of destruction. The builder can make a series of friendly tunnels for teammates and traps for enemies.

Builder/Builder Strategies: This is an important strategy to learn. Talking and finding out what is going on with your team is a good way to get ahead of the opponent. If every builder is building a giant base then who is building traps? If every builder is building traps then who's building the base? If every builder is building towers, who is collecting resources? How long will it all take if just one person does it? If the builders are working together and communicating, they can bring together a successful well done base in the amount of time they have before the game even starts. Its all a matter of who does what and how they are going to do it.

Knight/Archer Strategies: This is one of those game plans that can either go perfect or go terribly wrong. The archer can do some damage to a knight at distance. A friendly knight can make sure the archer is safe at that distance. If two knights are fighting, that one extra arrow could help your knight win that face off. The archer should remain somewhere hard to get or in a safe spot towards the back. The Knight should always take his position up ahead and should fight like he were in the movie 300. The combination is powerful, it can bring down lots of players who are not working together.

Tips and Tricks: If a builder wants to try a trap that doesn't instantly kill its enemy, it shouldnt be made at all. Traps are supposed to instantly kill those who fall into them. Spike traps aren't the best traps. They are easy to escape and often times don't kill an experienced player. It will over time, but by then, the trap is useless. The best way to kill someone is by using the saw mill. The saw mill is used both for turning logs into usable wood and instantly killing targets the jump onto them.

Drills are expensive, it is a good idea to share the one that you craft, that way you don't waste any resources on more drills. Once your done drilling, simply drop your drill right on the floor where you last mined and move on to building what you were going to build. If you come back and someone is using your drill, simply use your pick till they are done. If the drill get too hot and overheats, putting it in water cools it down and allows you to use it again much faster. Look at your fellow builders buildings. If they aren't up to par, feel free to upgrade them or change them to something more effective. If you don't like it but can't think of any better way to fix it up, don't change it. Simply build something to back it up, like an extra tower.

Always remember, there is no reason for you to not be playing. If you are builder and there is nothing else to do, change your class at any hall by pressing and holding E, then hovering your mouse over the Change class icon. Pick your class and get back into the game because all roles are important!

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